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 Best 5 Saltwater Fish for a Beginner  Aquarist

Contrary to many discouraging statements that say saltwater fish are difficult to manage, this post demystifies the process of managing them. Provided you follow the guide given, it is easy to manage saltwater aquarium fish and to have the best saltwater aquarium. There are recommended fish species that are suitable for a beginner to have before moving to complex species. The intent of this post is to highlight those fish.

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Before we delve into the names of the reef aquarium fish that are suitable for novice aquarists, you should know the basis with which they were selected. As a beginner there are mistakes that you could make while managing your aquarium. It’s about trial and error. In general, saltwater fish have to be hardy in order to sustain extreme water conditions in a saltwater aquarium.

The purchase of saltwater fish should be preceded by a suitable saltwater tank. For a new aquarist it might be challenging to purchase equipment needed to set up the aquarium. On that note, a beginner is encouraged to buy a beginner saltwater aquarium kit that comes with all necessities needed to get going. The kit eliminates the need to select single tools for your aquarium setup and maintenance. After buying the right aquarium, then you may buy saltwater fish for beginners. Mentioned below are beginner saltwater aquarium fish:

 1). the Coral Beauty Angelfish

These saltwater  fish are available as regular and pygmy angels. The pygmy angels are recommended for newbies because of their small sizes. They are good for your aquarium because they won’t outgrow your aquarium. The Coral Beauty Angelfish has enticing colors and hardiness to persevere the water conditions of the fish tank.

2). the Pajama Cardinal Fish

These fish come with stunning colors and hardiness which make them great combination for the aquarium. Furthermore, they are inexpensive to buy and are not aggressive.

 3). the Clownfish

These fish are popular in the saltwater fish category and are perfect additions in saltwater aquariums for beginners. Their incomparable hardiness makes them preferable for a  beginner to manage because they can tolerate the variety of water conditions. The enticing properties of clownfish are the variety of colors that can decorate your aquarium.

 4). the Royal Gramma

These fish are characterized by a yellow and purple color. That will be a great combination to adorn your aquarium. Moreover, they are good for a wide range of aquarium sizes which include small aquariums.

 5). Neon Goby Fish

These fish are small in size and are easy to manage in saltwater aquariums for beginners. They can make loose scales or parasites their source of food from large fish if included with them. To maintain and to feed them is easy for the beginner.

 These are the best 5 saltwater fish that a beginner can collect to make a successful aquarium. Start with them and then advance to other species as you gain knowledge and experience. Saltwater aquarium fish are easy to manage if you follow the guidelines given in this post. Do not be discouraged by complicated instructions that dissuade you from managing these beautiful creatures.

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This video shows how to set up a saltwater aquarium in non complicated, easy to understand way. It’s a bit longer than those I usually pick for this website, however, it’s very good, and every beginner should start by watching it. I think you’ll agree it wasn’t a waste of your time.

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