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8  Goldfish In An Aquarium

8 Important Facts That You Should Know Before Setting Up Your Aquarium

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Considering the fact that fish come in various shapes, sizes, and habitats; there are important aquarium fish facts you should know before setting up an aquarium. This will help to ensure that your aquarium is a success. This article lists them as follows:

8 Facts – #1). Aquarium size

It is imperative to choose the right size of your aquarium because a bad choice could endanger your fish, as some fish grow to huge sizes. For example, if you want to keep gold fish in your aquarium, you should know some gold fish facts. They have more body mass per inch and they produce more waste. For this reason, only 1 gold fish per 10 gallons of your aquarium would be allowed.

It’s a fact that for exact dimensions of your aquarium, multiply height, length, and width of your tank and divide the answer by 231 which will then give you the number of gallons you have . Take a large size to enable efficient gas exchange, quality of water, and slow changes of temperature. As a beginning aquarist you should buy the largest tank you can afford, preferably 29 gallons or more. Facts: the larger the aquarium, the less difficult to maintain and the more fish you can add. Your aquarium can be used for either saltwater or freshwater.

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8 Facts – #2). Water conditions

Water conditions should be monitored. Certain freshwater fish live best in room temperature and others cold water. Coldwater fish often adapt to a temperature below a range of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit but tropical fish may not survive under temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit whereas coldwater fish may survive. In general, the type of species selected determines the temperature needed.

If you like saltwater aquarium fish, then the  salinity has to be monitored. Freshwater aquarium fish only require the tap water to be purified. Saltwater aquariums are generally quite large and display a wide variety of attractively colored fish, corals and decor. It’s usually easier to maintain saltwater tanks once you get them properly set up.

8 Facts – #3). Keep a journal for your aquarium hobby as you learn new facts aquarium fish care.

It is important to keep the journal to record everything about your common aquarium fish care. For example, you can record the unusual lifestyle changes of your fish; note the treatments done; water replacement schedule; and the additions of another types of fish. Over the years you may want to refer back to when a significant event occurred and what you did about it.

8 Facts – #4). Clean your tropical fish tank

To maintain a healthy environment, clean your tropical fish tank. However, never use detergents, chemicals, cosmetics, or soap in your tank because these materials can endanger your fish. Instead, use room temperature water to clean your tank. If too dirty and provided it is empty, you may use chlorine bleach to disinfect it. However, you have to rinse it thoroughly to ensure that no chlorine residue is left behind.

8 Facts – #5). Choosing species

Some species are harmful to each other. For example, if you want to have a betta fish in your aquarium, you should know about the betta fish facts. The most dire fact is to never include two males or more in an aquarium, because they fight vigorously mainly for breeding territories. Some betta fish are called Siamese Fighting Fish. Betta fish are desired for their beauty and variety of color. A betta goes to the top of the water for air and is very relaxing to look at.

8 Facts – #6). Thermometers and heaters for your aquarium

To monitor temperature, you must acquire both heaters and thermometers for specific requirements of temperatures. Poor water temperatures for your fish could harm or cause their death. Saltwater tropical fish fare well when the temperature ranges between 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. However don’t use the sun to warm your aquarium as the sun can get too hot and cause algae to bloom. Thermometers can float or be attached to the side of your saltwater tank.

8 Facts – #7). Filtration for your aquarium

Proper choice of your filtration equipment also ensures that your aquarium works well. There are mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. They work differently to dispose of waste from the aquarium in order to keep the quality good.

8 Facts – #8). Location of the fish tank

Location of the fish tank is an important factor to consider before setting up your aquarium. For instance, if the fish tank is put in close proximity to the door or the window, it can be affected by temperature fluctuations, which will then endanger your fish.

Gold fish come in a great many varieties. Some gold fish have extremely fancy fins and tails while others have short tails and fins. Gold fish can be all gold colored, white, red, or have black spots. It’ll be difficult to pick your favorite. Facts to be sure, gold fish are messy and require a lot of waste cleanup. Other gold fish facts are very interesting, such as:

— gold fish can recognize faces, sounds, colors and shapes.

— gold fish can live up to 40 years

— gold fish have a slime coating on their body which prevents disease. Don’t pet them or it can cause harm to them.

–gold fish can get used to humans and can eventually be fed by hand.

–gold fish lay lots of eggs but only a few are hatched

 To sum up, you need to study your fish breeds before setting up your aquarium. Learn the facts related each and every fish that you consider. Note their temperature adaptation, their habits, and their size. Once you know the breeds to be added, you’ll also know about the  necessary tank size.

You must watch this video to get facts about beginner fish keeping. I think you’ll love it!

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