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I Want a Tropical Fish Aquarium That’s Better than the Rest

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To have a tropical fish aquarium that is better than the rest is easy as long as you get it right the first time. You should take into account the types of tropical fish that you want for your aquarium. There are plenty of tropical fish to pick from. Also noteworthy is the type and the size of the tank. The type of fish chosen can determine the size of the tank needed. This post gives you ideas and info tropical fish that you need to know.

Beginning aquarists should collect a info guide and reference books for their library. Click on the link below to check out an informative book.

The Ultimate Freshwater Aquarium Guide

Tropical fish species

As aforementioned, there are plenty of tropical breeds. It depends on the kind that you want for your aquarium. Tropical fish can either be saltwater or freshwater. Saltwater and freshwater fish are not the same in terms of physical characteristics and living conditions. For a novice hobbyist, it may be more difficult to manage saltwater tropical fish compared to managing freshwater. The main difference is the monitoring of the water-salinity, pH levels, and temperatures.

However, with some tips given by experts and other info , you can learn to manage a saltwater aquarium. The most important thing is to follow the tips and maintain your aquarium accordingly. First make sure to choose compatible saltwater fish for your tank. Choosing an aggressive may cause a lot of harm.  If you can learn a little bit of info about a lot of things related to the hobby, it would be great. Some of the things you can research:

Info – tropical care books

Info – tropical aquarium equipment

Info – health and disease of tropical

Info – filters – external canisters and internal power filters

Info – tropical plants for aquariums

Info – water chemistry for tropical tanks

Info – the Nitrogen cycle

Info – lighting systems

Info – air pumps

Info – water temperature and heaters

Info – tropical aquarium kits

Info – tropical aquarium decor

Info – food and feeding

Info – live bearing types and care of babies

Info – egg laying types

Info – identification

Info – compatibility

Info – water conditioners

Info – invertebrates

Info – algae eaters

Info – reef aquariums

Info – glass v.s. plastic tanks

Info – Bettas

Info – snails

Info – corals

Info – aquarium stands

Info – cleaning the tank

You can take care of a lot of these issues by purchasing a tropical aquarium kit which has all of the basic needs such as pump, filter, heater, tubing and lighting. One such kit is  put out by Oceanic and it’s called the Oceanic 82052 BioCube Aquarium, 29-Gallon. Click Here to read details and reviews about the BioCube. A recommended smaller kit Marina Style 5 Glass Aquarium Kit – 5 Gallons includes everything you need for easy set up. New aquarists should buy the largest tank they can afford.

Freshwater tropical fish for your aquarium

In general, freshwater fish are not as much trouble  for newbies as saltwater. Freshwater is easier to tend. For example, you can change the water without any concern about salinity or pH levels. The important thing to monitor, though is the temperature level. It is also important to know which kind of tropical that you like best.

Considering a tropical, one may opt for beta fish, goldfish, black tetra, barb, and more. But you have to make it a point to select only the type of freshwater tropical species that get along with each other. Fish can fight for territory, breeding, and for feeding. Therefore, you should be careful when selecting for your tank because not all get along together. The most important info is that they can be very aggressive and some may be predatory.

Tropical fish pictures for fish identification

Because there are plenty of types of tropical fish, they vary in pictures. When you buy tropical fish or treat them, it is important to note their physical appearance. Tropical fish pictures make it possible for identification.

 Tropical fish for sale

There are many outlets, online or offline, where you can find tropical fish for sale for your aquarium. What you have to bear in mind is the store you choose, that it is really a good store to trust or not. The health of tropical fish depends on their maintenance. When buying tropical fish online, you need to consider guarantees such as ‘arrive alive’ in the store you use.

In summation, tropical fish keeping is easy to manage. The most important info to keep in mind is the types of fish you collect for your tank. Fish species differ in many aspects as highlighted in this article. Info also worthy to be aware is the size of your tank. Some species can outgrow a small tank right away. On that note, you also need to research about the growth of the particular specimen you choose. 

 Here’s a recommended book for you: The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums (Second Edition)

Learn about Nitrogen Cycling by watching this video. The instructor explains it in a simple way.


Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies is a good book to answer all of your questions about raising tropical fish.

Click on this link or the image below to check it out.

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