Rare Exotic Freshwater Fish

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Q and A about rare and exotic freshwater fish

Question:  Interesting oddball freshwater fish? Hello! I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank that I want to fill with very cool rare freshwater fish. I would like exotic oddballs. Also, can freshwater pipefish and leopard ctenpoma fish get along? I want some  rare fish that are good in aquarium. Best answer will get 10 points! Thanks 🙂

Posted by Noah

Answer:  If you are thinking about exotic freshwater aquarium fish, African Butterfly Fish are nice.  I had an Albino Bichir and those things are crazy looking. I got rid of it because it ate one of my Half Beaks. That was such an aggressive freshwater fish, I wanted to get rid of it fast.  I traded it for two Clown Loaches which are great, although they do look dull in pictures. Try to avoid aggressive freshwater fish unless plenty of places for the other fish to hide.

Peacock Eels are awesome. They bury themselves and are hilarious and Reticulated Hillstream Loaches are cool.

There are these “Barracuda” type fish that are quite rare and hard to find. I forgot the first part of their scientific name, but the last part is, “Isalinae”.

Kuhli loaches, prehistoric dragon gobys, umm…

You might want to try shrimp and “lobsters” and there are some nice ones.

Blue angels are neat because of their coloration…

I am an oddball fish lover myself and i was considering the Leopard Ctenpoma myself, because they look like exotic oscars

Blue arowanas are nice but you have to get a huge tank.. Umm…

Black ghost knifefish, ropefish… Elephant nose are weird, but the elephant nose knifefish is truly an oddball. It really does look like a cross between a black ghost knifefish and an elephant nose.

Freshwater flounders, but i think they are brackish and not necessarily exotic freshwater aquarium fish. And I think your leopard and pipefish will get along, as long as you have a good planted aquarium and lots of hiding places for the pipefish. (no guarantees.)

That’s all I can think of right now…… Hope this helps.

Question:  What are some rare freshwater fish for my aquarium? I’m looking for some exotic freshwater  fish for my freshwater aquarium, not tropical, 125 gallon tank.

Posted by Ricky
Answer:  The humphead glass tetra was discovered by scientists last year, they are already available to aquarists, they are a bit punchy among themselves but ignore other species, pictures don’t do these awesome schooling fish justice
edit-sorry, they are freshwater tropical, what do you have coldwater, salt, brakish?


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