Saltwater Aquarium Fish Compatibility

6 Compatible Salt Water Fish That Won’t Have You Biting Your Nails…

One of the techniques of managing aquarium saltwater fish is to ensure compatibility prior to putting them together. Generally speaking, they can be classified into

royal, gramma, basslet, fish, saltwater

Royal Gramma Basslet

community, semi-aggressive, or aggressive. Beginners need to make sure that everything put in the tank are compatible. This post serves as a basic guide for beginners.

Among saltwater livestock, you may find predatory and aggressive species. There are many reasons that lead to bad fights. Some reasons include the following:

  • Fighting for territory — this often happen in semi-aggressive and aggressive species. If you have included 2 males or more in a small saltwater aquarium they can fight aggressively over their own territory.
  • Fighting for feeding opportunities — provided they share the same types of diets, different saltwater species can fight over food.
  • Breeding — this occurs when you have included two males or more in your tank. They can fight aggressively for females. It is important, therefore to not include more males in your saltwater tank.
  • Predatory habits — if you include large breeds with small ones, the large ones may prey for food.
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Clownfish In Marine Aquarium

For the success of saltwater aquarium fish for beginners, compatibility must be a priority. This means that not you’re only ensuring that fighting and eating each others is kept under control, but also ensuring efficient management of your saltwater aquarium. For instance, if your saltwater fish have the same eating habits, then it means you do not have to buy different diets and therefore you save money on food.

It is imperative to do a thorough study on saltwater aquariums compatibility for your hobby to be successful. Otherwise you may waste your money by collecting expensive saltwater pets which will soon die as a result of fights. Compatible fish plus a larger saltwater aquarium can guarantee better results. The large tank can alleviate the habit of fighting over territories because, depending on the number present, they should have enough territory. Other factors such as proper aquarium maintenance also play an indispensable role in the success of your saltwater aquarium.

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Given below is a saltwater aquarium fish compatibility chart for beginners to help you get the species that get along with each other. Remember this is a general guide. You will make further research to find the most congenial species of your preference.

Saltwater aquarium fish Compatibility with others
dwarf angelfish Compatible with all others
Basslet Compatible with all others
Butterfly Compatible with all others
Clownfish Compatible with all others
Damselfish Compatible with all others
Anthia fish Compatible with all others

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You may buy your reef aquarium fish based on the chart given above to make your set-up easier. Reef  aquariums are generally at least 55 gal. or larger and have a variety of decor and plants to provide more safety for inhabitants. The best practice is to avoid including too many males in your tank. Even if species get along, males of the same species may conflict. The reason behind that may be breeding and territories. Then too, some fish just  have such large mouths that they unsuspectingly gulp small ones who are nearby.

In a nutshell, a saltwater aquarium fish tank is manageable provided you put their safety ahead of your purchases. Your aquarium may last longer and you won’t be biting your nails so much. Your crew will be happy and not endanger each other. Even if you do not follow the above mentioned guidelines, make sure you research carefully for congeniality of the saltwater aquarium pets you want.

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Watch this video and discover more about saltwater fish compatibility and care.…

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